A good day

I don’t know how many times this title will repeat or will be the contrast of things…but today is a good day…L went to school and he was gentle and kind this morning. He was still tired and sore where his IV Port is located but certainly he is up an running just like always.
It is sometimes hard to fathom he is five years old because of his delays he is lacking some of the functionings of a child, as well as the ability to learn.

It take about a year for him to learn that he is one year older and the age, and by that time is next birthday will have arrived. So if you ask him today, “how old are you”, he will say 4 but in reality he is 5. Odd enough though is that he remembers his name and where he lives without hesitations and he remembers visits to the zoo in which he saw Elephants do their busineness, and when you ask him what Elephants do, he will tell you “they poop”.

There is no way for the doctors to tell me if he will ever catch up and if he will ever be able to learn or if it will always be the way it is. Academically he is behind and we kept him from Kindergarten one more year because he is simply not ready. But I can’t keep him from moving forward either. Sometimes I am afraid that I hold him back way too much and I have to analyze the skills he has accomplished, the positive things he does. What throws it off is his behavior because it tends to be more aggressive, no throught process involved – pure action based upon instinct.
While I hate the labels of ADD and ADHD there is no questions that L is the extreme of ADHD. He often does not consider the consquences of his actions, nor does he “get” them. He has a hard time to stay on task, and jumps from one thing to the next within a matter of minutes.

But today is a good day. He seems happy and he looked forward to go to school.


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