Level 88

So the ammonia went below 100…88 to be correct..and so L is home from this visit. They did his MRI in the a.m. and I am curious to know what they can or cannot tell me. His future is undetermined but we’ll do the best we can. I think my frustrations are really to the point that we cannot control his ammonia and there is no rhyme or reason what may cause it to go up. While stress is one of them, I would love to provide a stress-free live but tht is unrealistic. I don’t know if I want him on additional medication to cope with his stress problems because I want to enjoy my son even with his quirks. I think this one was triggered by stress (some of it self-induced) and a nasty cold he is trying to battle.

On a side-note, I signed him up for research studies though I am not sure where this is going to lead as we are having difficult times when he is in the hospital and thus traveling would be even more complicated for our family.

Well, lets home we get to spend more time at home than in the hospital. I would like a few weeks without a spell but I could be asking for too much.


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