We’re Home……Again

Yes, we are home again. L’s levels were 58 and he is eating good. Notification was send to the Liver transplant team and so the process begins. I don’t know what is more scary – these hyperammonia episodes and the risk of him becoming severly brain damaged …or even worse.. one the other hand the transplant brings a lot of other risks – the immune system being nothing – forever being on medication – well either way he wil be on medication.

Someone told me I should get the super-mom-of-the-year-award – between everything that is going on with L – working – school – our other kids -my art stuff – well I am just doing what I have to do – there is that hidden drive – the energy and focus that gives you the boost to to do all that you need to survive and better yourself in the process.

As heart braeking every episode is and as tough they are on us as a family and our finances – we do what we have to – don’t wallow in pitty because there isn’t any time for that. I cherish every moment that all of my kids are healthy and the time that we laugh and have fun together – even if they are few and far in between.


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