On our way to normal…

We are moving towards recovery. They want Lennon to eat, drink and be jolly? Well, this is not happening fast, I can only imagine how bad his throat hurts. He is not talking and also not eating well. So now we become creative – oatmeal (one of his faves) might do the trick, hmm someone mentioned milkshakes. Wow, a milk shake…something he couldn’t have before – does he even care for them is the question.

On the way positive side, his liver is functioning!!!


2 thoughts on “On our way to normal…

  1. So glad to hear that his lungs are doing better and he has been extubated. A whole new world is going to open when it comes to food … it must be hard for you to feed him these things after restricting him for so long, always having to remind yourself that it’s okay now. I’m sure you’ll adjust to it quickly :)Hang in there, things are looking good … all the best!

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