And he has the power….

to convince the docs he doesn’t need much..just time :o) So the other day they were talking about the video-scope procedure to help Lennon get cleaned out from the fluid. In the mean time. the TPA’d the chest tube and voila it drains again. The x-ray between yesterday andtoday…night & day…black & white. Everything that was white, that shouldn’t be white isn’t white anymore. YAY lennon, because he has the will andthe power. He is off the C-PEP and on the small nose oxygen and his numbers keep looking better. He is kinda out of it because he has to take methadone due to the narcotics he had been on and to help him with withdrawls. He is resting very nicely at the moment. One can notice that the fluid is leaving as some areas of his body that were swollen are not longer swollen, or at least not by much. He has to become more active and mobile, I think to help the draining situation. That is what I have for now, this minute. So as always stay tuned.


One thought on “And he has the power….

  1. Symptoms & CharacteristicsCarbamoyl phosphate synthetase I deficiency is a genetic condition that causes ammonia to accumulate in the blood. Ammonia is formed when proteins are broken down in the body and is toxic if the levels become too high. The nervous system is particularly sensitive to the effects of excess ammonia. Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase I deficiency often becomes evident in the first couple of days of life. An affected infant may be lacking in energy (lethargic) or unwilling to eat and have a poorly controlled breathing rate or body temperature. Some affected infants may experience seizures, unusual body movements or go into a coma. Complications may include developmental delay and mental retardation.In some affected people, the signs and symptoms are less severe and do not appear until later in life.

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