Communication…too much to ask?

So stent removal now happens on thursday! It appears that when the transplant surgery occured a plastic stent is placed in an area to stop leaks while everything heals. In most cases they fall out on their own, they are supposed to do that, well not for Lennon. Lennon’s stent is still in place! Thus they have to go in and take it out, which can cause some of his issues.

However what I was not told is that they are doing a study of his stomach and intestines. WTF? It is a matter of drinking dye and taking pictures of the inside. I am ok with this happening, not a huge thing or a dramatic deal but c’mon shouldn’t someone talk to me? This isn’t the first time something like this happened and ya would ya thought they learned with what I had to say last time, but now they had to let the on-call docs handle it who don’t have a clue. Gees.

Is a little communication really too much to ask?

I think not!

Well anyway so I don’t know how he will keep this dye down but hopefully they can figure out why he is constantly burping and spitting up or vomiting. So yea for study, nay for no communication!

Until tomorrow world!


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