So Lennon came out of the PICU yesterday, but within hours he was vomiting. Later on that evening he was vomiting blood. The doc came by…given Lennon some FFP as his coagulation (sp) is low, and he is a risk for bleeding. All the docs are aware..several reasons for bleeding:

  • his coagulation is not what it should be
  • he is taking asprin
  • other/new infections no one is aware of

This morning there was blood in the diaper, and there is evidence of blood in his NG. We are heading back to the PICU, and hope to find where this bleeding is located. There is one medication they can give to stop the bleeding but will have to watch him closely, hence the PICU. The other thing they might do is sedate him, send a scope down his throat to locate the bleed. If all else fails, he may have to go into surgery and at this point in time that is the last thing he wants or needs due to the bleeding risk he is.

I am a little frustrated (little being an understatement). How much more does Lennon need to go through? Isn’t this about enough? Everybody is wondering how I am holding up, and amazed by all the things I continue to maintain (work, school, home and Lennon). Well it isn’t about me, I didn’t sign a choice contract at his birth giving me the option. I don’t remember asking for this, not once. Lennon is an amazing little guy and I wish that everyone could spend time with him to meet him. He can be funny, honory, silly and lovable. Lennon doesn’t have many emotions but the few that he has, man they are HUGE.


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