Bleeding stopped

The bleeding appears to have stopped. So the medication is working. He will be on this med for one more day and a half. Until then no food or drink except for his medications. The fear is that the clod that has developed over the bleed may start up again. Of course we will always have to watch for that now.

Lennon is grumpy as to be expected, he’s thirsty, hungry and tired. I’m breathing a lil easier this morning. Yesterday was bad, scary and a day I never want to experience again.

I dont have much else to say this morning. Except that he continues the fight, and he does not bow down.


One thought on “Bleeding stopped

  1. Each time you think you’ve climbed the last hill another mountain appears before you. I can only imagine how frustrated you must have been and how discouraging this leaves you feeling. Poor Lennon, trying his best to get better and constantly having new issues arise. It’s like you said … it just seems so “unreal”. I am so thankful to read that the bleeding has stopped and hope that it has remained this way. Lennon must be so confused, one day they’re pushing food at him, the next he’s not allowed … so hard for a kid that already has a food adversion … poor guy.Hang in there. How you do it is beyond me. I know you’re living in survival mode, but you must often wonder how much longer that mode is going to keep you and your family going. *hugs*

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