So the reason for his bleeds are varices along the esaphagous varices …more information here: or here His are due to vomiting and irritation along the esaphagous and stomach.

Today he’s better. He is sleeping for the minute but even in his sleep he will call or me. Last night it went something like this: mommy mommy ooh ooh hehehe mommy mommy ooh ooh ..I am not quite sure what this is about, and I do hope this will pass. This morning they are ordering an ultrasound because his belly is big again, if no information comes forward from that, then he might get a CAT Scan to help figure out what is causing his belly to be so big.

So this is all I have for today.


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  1. Is he still in the picu? Youre family is the one reason/only reason haha I wish I was still in VA…Wish I could help out and sit with Lennon to give you a break. Kevin is truly a great guy! Look forward to seeign some results from the scan..Hugs and kisses to my buddy!

  2. My first thoughts as I read the description of varices is how much does this have to do with the problems in Lennon’s portal vein?? Is this also why they are doing an ultrasound?Have they talked about Lennon’s portal vein lately and how well it is functioning. I remember you saying they ballooned it in order to allow better flow, but is it working as well as they hoped? Is this the cause of the suspected varices? You haven’t mentioned anything about liver function so I am assuming his liver continues to function okay even with all the stresses he is going through. Or do they see this varices as a minor issue?Sorry, full of questions … just wish there were some answers and a positive turn for Lennon. At least he was laughing in his dream … that must mean he doesn’t see life as all terrible but still enjoys it … even if it’s only in his dreams for now.Hang in there, we hope some more answers and clearer treatment comes soon.

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