Things are unchanged. He is comfortable and heavily sedated. He is a little puff-ball and they are going to help him loose the fluids. The cultures still have not grown anything to indicate what kind of infection might be going on. Talking with one of the docs today, it could be this yeast infection that caused all the trouble. Lennon does have some minimal (or huge – its in the eye of the beholder) they are not sure where it is and where it is coming from. He is very very sick. This is what we know.

Knowing that he has pulled through in the past it is difficult thinking about the alternatives. But they are real, it can go either way. I have a lot of anxiety that leaves me with chest pain, which lets me know I need to take care of myself. The support once again is overwhelming.

We realize that docs can only do so much and that the rest is up to Lennon and whatever powers there may be. It is difficult to fathom that after the long fight Lennon has endured and fought that it could just stop. I belief in his spirit and will to live but still realizing that his body may have different actions.

We fear the unknown! How true those words are today and every day in which we don’t know what will happen next. Realizing that while the doctors of the PICU do everything within their power, it could not be enough. Again I pulled by the thoughts that he is a miracle and an inspiration with the will to live.


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