What’s new?

Nothing really. Lennon had a bronchial procedure, in which they flushed saline into his lungs and sucked it back out. They are culturing this fluid to see if anything will grow, but nothing as of yet.
Later that day, he had a procedure to clear out some fluid so that his right lung could hopefull expaned, ended up with a double chest tune. He continues to ooze blood and receives plasma (ffp) and regular blood to help him, thus he is still dealing with some coagulation (sp) issues. The hope is that the clearing of the fluid will help him get off the ventilator. But I think the verdict is still out on that.

Lennon is still critical and still deals with some major fluid in his body and abdomen. A lot of this is going take time and sometimes that is the hardest part in itself. And of course they still suspect an infection somewhere that is hiding, but haven’t been able to pin-point the exact issue of what is going on. There are many things that are running through my mind. Was it the stent from the procedure? Is it the c.diff that doesn’t want to go away? Is it the bile duct leak? Is it the liver – though the biopsy came back ok? Are his lungs or rather the right lung his problem for the issues? Is it the yeast infection, and the fact hat it was attached to his port? There are so many questions to where there seem to be no answer to. That’s tough.


4 thoughts on “What’s new?

  1. Still thinking and praying for you. The not-knowing is always the most difficult part, even knowing the worst gives you the opportunity to wrap you head around it and work with it. Especially praying that you will get some clearer answers soon and a better idea as to what the entire situation really is. Also praying that you may be able to physically and mentally carry on while your mind is working overtime to find an answer and provide for the necessities of life for yourself and family. So thankful that Lennon is such a fighter and is determined to keep fighting. May the Lord bless the hands of the doctors that are working on Him.

  2. Just wondering if the picture on your facebook profile is Lennon? Besides the drawing for your main title I have no idea what Lennon looks like. I love the drawing … it’s nice to put a picture/image to the name.

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