Earth day and post 100

This is my 100st post about Lennon and his health. Things are unchanged for the most part, except he doesn’t have an infection – is what they are saying now. His sedation is troublesome as his blood pressure wants to bottom out and his heartrate wants to do similar stuff.

Yesterday his X-ray looked worse and this morning it looks better. Reason: They placed a port in so that he can get TPA a clod-buster etc, well instead of cleaning his chest tube for flow, it didn’t do anything at all, except give Lennon more fluid in areas he didn’t need it. So process repeart except chest tube this time, and voila we have output and a better looking x-ray.

We don’t know how long he will be on the ventilator because the fluid is still there, the belly is still big but still no real answers as to why. Did this develop because of the stent replacement? Good guess. Or the yeast infection? Again, good guess in my view.

There really isn’t much else to say right now, except we sit with Lennon, watchi his monitor, missing him and hoping that we get to interact with him.


4 thoughts on “Earth day and post 100

  1. It’s been a long haul, hasn’t it? I can’t imagine what it’s like for you to be worried for months on end and keeping the rest of your life together too. But no infection was great news, right?

  2. No infection must sort of be discouraging. Good in a way, but discouraging because now you have no real concrete answer as to what has sent Lennon’s body into this state. So many guesses and while you sort of feel you have a “good guess” on what’s going on, there’s always that nagging feeling and your mind is always working to think of what you may have missed or if there is some other explanation. Oh, how my heart aches for what you are going through. It brings back many memories … I love the memories, but they still hurt.I can’t imagine how hard it must be to continually see Lennon on sedation … especially when his body is struggling and reacting while on it. Have they ever tried him off sedation while intubated? In some ways I don’t recommended it. James was for three weeks awake and intubated and my heart aches for what he must have endured and how uncomfortable and painful it must have been. But on the other hand it meant he wasn’t on sedation medication all that time and it meant we could still communicate somewhat. Afterwards I had wished we had just left him sedated so he didn’t have to go through that … but some of me is glad that we had that time with him yet. I know most kids cannot tolerate being awake while intubated … most adults can’t … James surprised many people with his tolerance. You just wonder how well Lennon’s body can fight and recuperate from the main cause if his body also has to deal with the stress of sedation medications. How difficult it is to watch our children suffer. My comments are not very uplifting, I should be encouraging and more postive. I wish I had some wise and wonderful words, but I think at this time the best thing to do is pass along a hug … *hug* … and continue to pray.

  3. I used to call I64 "tear alley", cause most of the time on either the way here or the way home it was where I could vent to my sister or mom or whoever would listen & keep me awake. I felt like it kept me "strong" for Lennon and our other 2 boys and the Petra if she needed it but the more I am here in C-ville and the more I watch the short guy and the more that I see that this is strictly between the short guy & God and I have to trust that those two as complicated as they both are, will do what is best for Lennon. So I guess it's not strength that I am here to show them or teach them. I think this time I am actually the student… Humility is a hard lesson to learn but I have (Lennon & God) two excellent teachers

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