He's off the breathing tube

Lennon was taking off the breathing tube at 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. He still requires oxygen assistance, periodic suction of fluids and coughing. He currently is resting with the help of some sedation. He looks comfortable :o) Prior to sedation, he was fighting and attempting cry and yell ..like the Lennon we love and know! He is in a waiting period to see how he’s doing, hopefully he will continue to do well and then the oxygen can be eliminated as well, as he then will completely breathe on his own.


2 thoughts on “He's off the breathing tube

  1. So glad to read the tube is out, I’m sure this is a relief. Praying that all oxygen assistance can be eliminated and also the sedation no longer needed so you can communicate with your boy again!What a long, long road!

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