Upcoming event

This is for all the people close by and reading this blog. On June 24th, Lennon will celebrate his 6th Birthday. Imagine surviving a rare metabolic genetic disorder and the liver transplant ordeal and being able to celebrate a birthday!!! I am planng a party for one of the weekends in June with a cookout etc etc and then one at UVA so that staff that has taken care of Lennon can also participate in this wonderful celebration of his life. I am nervous about planning this event. Since we live rural I was considering a park in town somewhere but that still needs to be workded out. I hope that some of you people who are local to us can participate and join us.


One thought on “Upcoming event

  1. This sounds so exciting. How wonderful it will be to have such a celebration. I hope that the organizing will not be so overwhelming that you don’t get to actually enjoy it. Wish we lived closer so I could help out!

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