Hospital visit instead of birthday party

So today we brought Lennon back to the emergency room. His temp was 103 and his breathing was quite labored. They did blood cultures and within 8-10 hours have grown some bacteria indicating infection. The infection could possibly related to the his port and so we will have to see probably tomorrow to know more about it. Of course this means they will have to take his port out. We could be here for a few days…get infection under control…take the port out…go home.. that kind of thing.

So for now we have for obvious reasons post-poned the party. We will tenatively have it on July11th at our home instead of the park. So stay tuned as always as new things develop.



One thought on “Hospital visit instead of birthday party

  1. Oh I almost cried when I read this. I'm sure this was a frustrating and difficult day. Even though we tell ourselves not to get too excited because this can happen it's still hits hard when it actually does. The trials of living with a chronically ill child sure include emotion trauma!!I hope that treatment is effective and he is doing better.StephP.S. I may be silent for the next 6 weeks or so as we're going to be away and only have dial-up with limited computer time … but just know that I will still think of you and try to check in when I have a chance.

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