Two years ago…

in the months of August…we learned that Lennon had Urea Cycle Disorder and as I think about that day ..we are in the hospital once again. Lennon has been running a low grade fever (99.0 – 100) all week, vomited twice this week and complained about his belly hurting, mainly the tube or the area of the tube. This morning I called the doc…and without hesitation he said Lennon would be admitted as he appears to be working on an infection…the issue is we don’t know if the infection is around the tube or if it is a central line issue …but the doc is clearly worried about a line infection.

So I sit here…reflecting on my last post, the last year and the year beyond that and the worries that consume me. I do not know what will happen during our stay here this time…I know they will start and antibiotic…and a good possiblity of the central line being removed. So we are sitting, waiting with patience…


2 thoughts on “Two years ago…

  1. As I catch up on your blog I'm get this sense of guilt again. Many times throughout this summer as I was enjoying myself I would stop and reflect on summers gone by and how they were spent in and out of the hospital. How the summer just disappeared and I didn't even notice it because I was too busy trying to keep my family going. It always left me feeling guilty for enjoying myself as I realized that the hospital would still be full of children (and adults) as I realized that although our journey was cut short there are many that continue on the road we are on – that road of ups and downs, being so cautious and always wondering when you were going to meet the next sudden turn and find yourself back in hospital or with a new challenge.I am glad to read that you have had time at home, that overall things seem to be improving at a small pace. I hope that this infection will be resolved quickly and your stay at the hospital will not be long.Keep your chin up and don't get discourage …as you reflect on two years ago I'm sure you realize that the road was difficult and not anything like you expected … but oh how far you have come and how much better things are looking now. There is much to be thankful for!!

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