It was another infection

in the line. I have been quite busy and am just now getting to the update. We spend the weekend at the hospital and went home Monday with IV medication to treat the line infection. Lennon’s central line will be coming out on Friday in a small clinic with anestesia procedure and hopefulle we will not encounter anymore infections.

At the same time Lennon’s C.Diff flared up again more than ever and while he is on three medications to fight that, we must really encourage some yogurt. So I am hoping that by making homemade yogurt, he perhaps might like it enough to eat it!

This is all i have for the minute. I did have a question for my reader/commenters. I am turning the blog into a book, which will include more of the behind the scene’s stuff that didn’t always involve Lennon. It will conceptualize everything we as a family have gone through. My question to you is that I may use your comments, it may not be all of them, but the ones that got me through, the ones that helped us I would like to include them.



4 thoughts on “It was another infection

  1. PetraI agree with Barbara, if there was anything I ever said that helped you through please capture it in your book and use it.Although putting a book together can be a lot of work, especially if you're adding more then just what the blog says, it will be a priceless book that you and your family will treasure forever.It's too bad Lennon's line has to come out. Hopefully he begins to reach a stage where it isn't needed as often and maybe less problems now with it out.How awful the troubles you are having with the C.Diff. Poor Lennon having this so long. It's no wonder he still have issues with eating, etc … he can't possibily feel all that great with this continued infection and all these antibiotics in his body.Is the yogurt recommended as a probiotic to help combat against the effects of all the antibiotics? or does it actually help with the c.diff? If it's just for the probiotic you can also get probiotics in chewable candies ( NOW Berry Dophilus) or a powder form that can be mixed through his formula (Nature's Way Primadophilus Reuteri). I'm sure there are other brands, those as the ones we've used. It might take a bit to find them, the average pharmacy doesn't have them, we found them in different health and vitamin type stores.

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