Biopsy, Pick-Line and MRI

Lennon did well with the biopsy and they got three good samples. They also placed a pick line as he is running out of places to draw blood. In addition, they managed to get an MRI done which is good as that means we don’t have to come back for another sedation. By tomorrow we should know some preliminary information from the biopsy and also some info about what the MRI showed.

Lennon is a little wet on the lung which comes from all the blood products he as received and they are gonna try and get rid of it with lasix. He sounds a little raspy and needs to cough a bit but he has a mind of his own. He doesn’t want the pulsox (sp) on or the oxygen on his face. He is in little bit of pain (in the neck) as that is how they went in to get the samples of the liver but also his arm where the pick line went in.

Overall he appears to be doing well.


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