Still kinda inconlusive

So the docs had their meeting today and it still seems somewhat inconclusive and they are waiting until all tests are complete. There are a few that won’t be done and complete until tomorrow.. so the game plan for now is to change one of his meds from po (oral) to iv ..which is the valcyte…it may be that his body is not absorbing it properly through the stomach. They are also reducing his immune suppression medication a little bit, which is sort of a tight rope dance due to the fact that without it he could potentially reject the liver. So until they figure out the details and technicalities, we will be here in the hospital allowing the docs create their magic. Hopefully this method will work and in a few weeks we will be home, but for now we just hang out and try not to go crazy.

And hopefully we will have a more conclusive report tomorrow or Friday!


2 thoughts on “Still kinda inconlusive

  1. I wish I could wait there with you. Or babysit at home while you wait. Or stay with Lennon while you're at home – or any such combination. A roundabout way of saying you're in my thoughts. – Barbara

  2. I can not imagine how you are feeling right now, the only thing I can say is that we are thinking of you and Lennon! and I am here for you if you need me! If nothing else I can lend an ear to listen!It really sucks to be this far away from you guys now… just know that we love you and hope Lennon is outta there real soon! :>)

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