It’s been seemingly quiet at the home front without too many changes, no concrete results of what happened last month or what is going on with the liver. I know that the EPV (Eppstein Barr Virus) numbers are incredibly elevated and we are hoping that the IV medication is taking those levels down.

This week we will be discussing taking out that pic-line and even though we’ve had central line before I’m glad when it’s out and gone. If you remember he had two infections – one with his port (yeast) and one in the central line (ecoli) and so I’m a little nervous even though we once again do what needs to be done.

Lennon is quite spunky these days, funny, goofy, ornery, loving, full of himself. Yesterday he made me several valentines while I was laying down on the couch. Once I got up, he said “Mom, you forget to make my valentine”. So we sat down together and I created his valentine. 


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