Happy 7th Birthday Lennon!

7 years ago a little boy sneezed himself into this world. I firmly belief that with each child we learn something new about love and life and ourselves. My oldest has taught me the kind of mom I want to be (he just turned 18 on Sunday). My almost 16 year old, has taught me that as moms we do make decisions what is best for them. My 12 year old taught me to laugh and Lennon..has taught me how precious life on this planet really is. All of my children have taught me the strength I truly poses.

This year we have decided to not throw a huge party. This year the oldest needed to shine with having graduated high-school, earning his drivers license and turning 18 all in a months span. For Lennon we are keeping it simply this year… its cake and a movie. He loves Toy Story so I am hoping he will be delighted by watching Toy Story 3 at the theater.

It’s challenging sometimes to not forget how precious my other kids are because they don’t have the same struggles like Lennon. And yet the reality is they too could be taken from these hemisphere within an instant.  With the challenges that Lennon continues to face (now and in the future) I want to be sure to celebrate all my children and let them know I love them but also that I appreciate them. I have been given the bests gifts with each of them, a little more insight each time and a little bit more gratitude and I am honored to call myself their mother.


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