Kids are good for the soul….

…this year I am struggling to get into the spirit of the season…but it takes a child to make your heart smile.. Lennon had made salt dough ornaments that he painted… and well was ready to put them on our tree.. our white little fake tree.. the one thing he was most concerned about is that the star he made last year was on absolutely perfect…while all the other ornaments just about hung of the same branch…

As we are continuing to wait ..4 months and counting… I am amazed at the things Lennon has accomplished.. the relationship I have been able to mend and forge with my other children as he still often takes most of my attention… its a balancing act no doubt…my oldest joined the army and will leave for boot camp in May.. while my 12 year old his heading into male adolescent years…oi life goes on… even when another child is ill..and just because I struggle with this season doesn’t mean my children should have to struggle too…with that said our tree is up..


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