Transplant Anniversary

He loves Felix the Cat and Sonic – but this changes from day to day.

He loves video games and wishes he was old enough to play Halo.

He wants to be like Caillou and has a cat named Gilbert.

He loves his dog Sgt. Pepper and playing with Lego’s is his favorite past time.

He loves to dance – wild and crazy and snuggle with his mom.

He loves going to school and loves the weekends just the same.

He talks about his best friend and how he wishes they had more time.

He draws pictures anytime he can.

It’s Lennon’s 2 year transplant anniversary from his last transplant. All the things above I wouldn’t be able to share with you, had he not received this chance. His liver numbers continue to look good – he’s eating like a champ. His favorite is 2 eggs over easy and buttered toast; Cheese Pizza and Tomato Soup (not at the same time though); Ice Cream for desert – chocolate preferably!

I am most grateful to the donor family who is still mourning their loss of a loved one but have chosen to give my son life.

There will never be any words to describe this!







One thought on “Transplant Anniversary

  1. I remember how sick he was when we met its truly amazing how far he has come. He has made such huge leaps I am happy for Lenon
    And the entire family

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