Report Card Day

Report Card day often means I hold my breath reading both report cards – Lennon gets two of them. The “regular one” and the one that has to mesh with his IEP. Either way I hold my breath and breathe out in celebratory fashion every time I can see progress or improvement.

I still see the struggles he is having from being frustrated because he so wants to get it to being a little tired still at times.

But the kid is reading on a 9/10 Rigby Level and even thought that places him two grade levels below his peers – He’s doing it. He is still absorbing all the information like a sponge but it is a slow process.

Lennon is healthy and well and capable of learning.

Lennon has some behavioral, maturity, sensory and social challenges that can at times interfere with his learning. But that doesn’t stop this kid from trying and even if the teacher and his one-on-one person has to encourage him in one form or another it gets done – HE gets it done.

Progress… he has made progress

and we know from experience you can’t rush him along because he will make it happen with Lennon Steps.


One thought on “Report Card Day

  1. Always Lennon’s way in Lennon’s time. Lennon did not read the text books so he just does not do things in the expected manner. Keep us guessing kiddo!

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