A little step back… and another forward

Lennon at times still struggles at night making it to the bathroom… we noticed that its usually when he feels more anxious about things… perhaps dreaming more vividly. We decided to buy him night-time underpants.. they are diapers as Lennon so kindly pointed out.. but we are going with night-time underpants just to give him some added security.. well and ya know he does take medication to help him sleep so that may not help matters much… this will work… for now.

On the other hand Lennon just seems to have matured in ways I can’t describe it. Some of his interactions with us or his responses make me stop in the tracks and lock at him in wonder if that just came out of his mouth. It’s good to know that he does move forward in some areas .. its a worry I have that he will be stuck.. but I know too that we will manage it – we will manage it well either way.

Well he’s finishing his breakfast because he will be going to school soon 🙂

He loves school.. sometimes he pretends he doesn’t… but reality he really likes it … and my goodness he’s the only one I know who wakes up dancing.


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