The Dreaded Cold

So far this winter Lennon had fought his fight with the cold well.. aside from a little bit of a runny nose here and there it never got to the point where I needed to keep him home.

Until today!

The Boy Wonder has been coughing (hacking) all night and was up at 5 a.m. and while he looks good we decided it just may be best to keep him home and let him rest some. He’s drawing pictures and sniffling and coughing.. repeat.

I always worry about him getting a cold and how well he will fight it off – though I must say he’s doing it better than I ever could have anticipated it. Lennon is a little disappointed that he can’t go to school because they are painting pictures of Bombay today. I do hope he’s better by Wednesday because of a show they are putting on at school.

Cool thing?

I only work 1-2 hours today.. 🙂


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