Sometimes its just hard

Parenting isn’t easy and having and still raising healthy children.. I know this.. it is easier however than parenting a child with some extra needs.

Today I received a call from my kids school about a sensitive issues. Lennon (a boy) had his hands down his pants.. a girl observed it.. made an obnoxious eww its gross sound… alas the phone call to me on whether I want them to handle his episode of masturbation or if I wanted to do it. Umm he’s 9.. he was not masturbating.. he was doing what all the other boys (small or big) do. Some just have more of a concept to not do it in public while others.. well ya know you SEE it. I think I was more upset about the wording than the action.. so we’ll talk to him and gently remind him that we shouldn’t put our hands down our pants in school (or public). Its going to take some time and working on it and constant reminders.

Le Sigh

Lennon also had a performance at school today and I was happy I was able to go due to work. I love that he’s there actively participating. I think he was happy to see me although he acted a bit shy and tried not to look at me. It was cute 🙂 What I don’t always love is how alone he looks up on stage among a group of kids, just kind of to himself. His attention struggling while he’s singing the songs. It’s so very obvious to me .. and I find that at times he looks completely out of place and I don’t really know what that’s about.. protection maybe – because I do worry about how other kids will treat him. I suppose its my internal signals looking and watching and making sure he’s well.

Le Sigh (again)

Well tomorrow is a new day.. and he will go to school to learn more and to impress me even more – because its what he does!


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