I am still holding my breath

I guess I never really stopped to breathe and perhaps there have been reasons that I never breathe completely normal or relaxed. This past month Lennon has increasingly (just about daily) complained about a headache at random times. He mentions’ it once and by the time we may get to give him something he doesn’t mentioned it again.  At the beginning of March we had a check up because of them and then he had an ear infection (pretty normal stuff!!) but he still continues to complain now increasingly about the headaches hammering down on the same spot every time and I decided it was time for a follow up.

The appearance is Lennon may have childhood migraines and they represent differently than adult migraines and now add in that this IS Lennon they don’t even come with nausea – but bright light will trigger a headache. Well the concern is that the headaches occur on the same spot  and so we are moving forward with a Brain MRI to make sure that there is NOTHING else going on with his precious little head. Of course the irrational mom inside of me is going amok internally while the rational mom is the epitome of cool and collected. I seriously hope its just migraines and nothing else – and of course migraines are hereditary (guess who else has them – and of all the things he wants to have in common with me – sigh).

Stay tuned as I will surely update here 😉


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