the boy has inherited my migraines – of all the things he needed to have from me – migraines. I suppose it does come with a sigh of relief in some ways since there are no tumors or any other abnormalities on his brain – except for the ones where the scarring i.e. damage is from the ammonia that attacked his brain for five years. Luckily however his migraines are not as debilitating than the once I get occasionally – ya know dark room – no noise – nope his are still just happening – and for now he will just deal with them until they get to the point that he cannot – then we will discuss medications. I imagine his pain tolerance may still be quite high or they just don’t get that bad and are just happening often.

Well this mother did have a sigh of relief because there is always the risk for Lennon to develop *something else* due to the immune suppression – due to his medications – side effects if you will. I will always be concerned about that and while some may refer this to be just a mommy thing – it is that mommy thing that has kept him alive. And if I ever get so blasé about my son’s medical care then I will resign as a mom. Yea I would think someone touches a nerve every time they just call it a “mommy thing” because this things are real and they can happen because they happen all the time.. and remember the risk and rarity of his original diagnosis – yea its rare but it happens and so are some of the risk 2% for this 10% for that – but they still happen and so I rather reside on the side of caution instead of blowing it off. Sedation is never fun and best avoided but some things – well ya wouldn’t want to do them awake – and asking a kid with ADHD to lay still on an MRI table – not likely going to happen. But Lennon is awesome and handles things so incredibly well – much better than most adults 😉

Anyway, I didn’t mean for this to become a rant – but I suppose sometimes I just gotta – can’t be nice, calm and collected all the time . In the mean time Lennon is doing well – eating good, talking about his birthday NON-STOP – and healthy 9 year old – who keeps asking when it is June and that he wants Lego’s and all the lego’s and of course video games and he wants to play mini-golf or maybe blowing.. not quite sure ..good thing I have time to plan 🙂


2 thoughts on “Migraines…

  1. It’s called mother’s intuition for a reason. I always listen to them. It has kept many a child alive, including Lennon.

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