Maturity in progress

Sometimes when raising a child with special needs we wonder how maturity will progress and we question at times if it will ever progress. This last week however, I have seen maturity and a want or need to be a little bit more independent. Lennon has initiated taking his medications. At breakfast or bedtime he gets the tub of meds and looks at them ad I have the opportunity to teach him not only what medication to take but what each medication is for – because he asks! The kids wants to know what he is taking medication for. He now helps setting his med out as well as cutting the ones in half where a whole one is not required. This is quite ¬†milestone for Lennon and leaves me with hope for his future. Of course not all areas are maturing but that is alright isn’t it? I mean he’s alive and driving me batty sometimes and that is an amazing thing.

I leave this post today with a picture of him earning a reward for great reading – another area he has grown so much!



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