A morning of follow-ups

2013-06-20 10.22.27Today Lennon had to have labs, ultrasound, follow up with the kidney specialist and his gastro/transplant person. He was also supposed to see the surgeon again but he was busy helping some little dude and we opted to not wait around and just touch base with them another time.

Labs look good – like really good with what came back thus far. Still waiting on a few other results that take a little longer.

His spleen is a bit enlarged due to some minor blockage of sort related to the portal vein but NOTHING like before but it is something that will be kept an eye on. As of right now we do nothing but some ballooning of the area may be needed in the future but for now… nothing. I am good with that šŸ™‚

Height and weight he’s going to be a bit tall and a bit skinny one .. taking after his brother who is like 5’9 and weighs nothing.. haha.. sorry the eldest turned 21 today and I am missing him a bit.

Anywho, Lennon is doing amazing. The doctor is pleased and I trust him to let me know if he was worried. One of the wonderful things about having amazing relationships with his doctors is that nothing is sugar-coated – I like that šŸ™‚

Lennon has also been cleared to go swimming (in a lake) – this is awesome in itself as we are going on a camping trip in a few weeks (with a lake!!) The first vacation we have been able to plan since Lennon’s diagnosis in 2007. Not once were we able to go away for a few days but I am pretty stoked about unplugging for a few days – I am still trying to wrap my head around this because its just been a tough few years for us and looking back – how far he has come.. how far I have come and well the family too.





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