Our summer in (mostly) pictures

This has been an incredible amazing summer especially if we compare it to summer’s past!

We not only went camping – even if we used a cabin – and spent a 10 hour ride home because we can (we were only 4.5 hours away) – Blue Ridge Parkway is an amazing place to travel!

IMG_4660 IMG_4682 IMG_4772

We went to a concert 1.5 hours away and – Lennon did not have a melt down, got bored or was completely stressed because we were prepared with Legos, gameboy and coloring pages!

2013-08-03 16.40.58

and a big hurrah before school starts to Bush Gardens – and while he only rode two rides (both water rides) and really wasn’t interested in much else – after the second time walking around he climbed on the mesh and slid down the slide – he absolutely enjoyed Elmo and by the time we ate dinner he simply took a break.

2013-08-17 17.33.26 2013-08-17 17.30.07 2013-08-17 16.08.152013-08-17 20.22.28



One thought on “Our summer in (mostly) pictures

  1. He is doing so amazing its good to see that you are creating a new normal for him, and your all enjoying these new things

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