The Hearing Aid has arrived

Today Lennon received his hearing aid. He initially was very excited about it and asked all the time. During the appointment he was shy and reserved but appeared to be approving of the new sounds he was now able to hear – and the sounds he is able to hear a lot better. Due to the unique hearing loss that he has we weren’t sure initially that a hearing aid would even benefit him. His hearing loss just like anything else about Lennon is rare and a matter of fact the doctor said she really hasn’t seen a hearing loss like his … you just have to smile don’t you?

Well, he returned to school and received help from another student that also has a hearing aid and I am glad to know that he has support at school from a teacher that will help him – its a pricey tiny little thing that I couldn’t afford to replace – so here’s to hopefully not losing it 🙂

Thought what I love about it the most I think that he was able to chose his colors green for the inside piece and blue for the “behind the ear” piece.

2013-08-28 19.16.59
Here’s to being able to hear!


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