Automated Pharmaceutical Hogwash

I love technology .. I love technology because Lennon responds to technology and it helps him in many ways. He uses it in school and I use it daily in my life and work. With technology however also comes the not so fun things.

As an introvert you would think I love the lack of person-to-person communication required to place Lennon’s medicine orders/refills. And for the most part its mighty convenient.

Enter new medication script and specialty pharmacy hell.

Lennon had a new prescription in September to be added that I cannot get at our local pharmacy due to my insurance – I dislike this part very much. Its much easier to call it in and pick it up. Anyway…

Shortly after, I received the automated phone call to place the order for this new prescription and I thought ok cool – it will be here in 10-14 days. I waited.. and waited..

Lennon needs to have labs done within two weeks of starting this new medication.. and well I waited some more. I even checked online and here it was – ordered on 9/17 but it hadn’t shipped yet.

This is the part that drives me crazy. I did call them and then talked to an operator – I also complained about that the automated system asked me to push this number and that number to order it and I shouldn’t have had to call – if they system worked.

Anyway.. we now have his medication as it was shipped overnight and we will be going to have labs done in about 14 days or so – but man as much as I love technology and I do not love the automated system for ordering his medications – considering they are also more expensive .. but I leave my personal opinion about pharmaceutical hogwash in the USA to myself 😉


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