Insurance and Co-Pays

Lennon was/is on Medicaid.. he is on Medicaid because they still cover the bills that the insurance won’t pick up but I am responsible for his co-pays. insurance coverage just changed and I have a $6000 deductible that includes medical and pharmaceutical.

With that said, after my calculations for about 8 months my son’s co-pay for his prograf will 532.00. Profgraf is the medication that he needs so that the liver will not be rejected in his body and the liver begins to fail.

I’m pretty proud and this maybe harder than holding vigil over my son 7 years ago when he was recovering from his transplant.

However, despite the health savings plan, I will still need to raise money until I can find a co-payment discount plan to help out which is on my agenda for tomorrow.

I just took a loan out because I have property taxes due for my car and well the medication is taking priority but I can’t keep doing this and hope that the universe finds a way to help out. In the mean time, I have lots and lots of things I have created that are for sale at

I ask you to take a browse and hope you find something to help us out in our time of need, especially with Christmas around the corner I would like to get things sorted!

if I am heavily promoting my creations.. that’s why.. there’s NO way I can afford that.. so please.. and thank you… and perhaps you feel so inclined to share my shop with your family and friends!

That website again is Hippie’s Creations!

I also am the master mind behind Fostered Life if you are interested in Personal Development and Wellness Coaching!


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