Update: Insurance and Co-Pays


In my previous post Insurance and Co-Pays I shared the situation we are dealing with after changing plans recently. I had some big concerns about this plan that everyone will be part of eventually and they have been completely validated in my opinion.

I can’t seem to get a way from mail order pharmacy because this is a specialty drug and all I want is to use our local CVS or something that can drive myself to.

Anyway, after some calling around this morning here is where we are:

I signed Lennon up for a co-pay discount program that will pay up to $200 dollars of the co-pay. Well that still leaves over 300 dollars a month that I have no idea where it will come from except that I hope people will start buying my creations at Hippie’s Creations. they are handmade and my passion for what I do!

Thanks to some help, I can get that prescription filled without insurance for $136 after the discount co-pay is applied – which is absolutely insane to me.. because what is the point of insurance?

It’s a beast I don’t really understand except, money. I understand it is about money.

So again, if you are so inclined to help out, visit Hippie’s Creations to purchase handmade items, go to Fostered Life and sign up for a coaching program that speaks to you or click on the gofundme link on the side and make a donation.

I am shaking my head as I am writing this because again, it shouldn’t be like this at all. Le sigh!


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