Trying to find my words

This evening I sit here with Lennon on an overnight field trip with the rest of the 4th and 5th graders. My anxiety level is up as I am nervous about this venture. I am trusting his teachers and the principal to care for my child – and it isn’t easy. Yet I know they love him too and will absolutely care for him.

This past week I was reminded by our anniversary dates about the road he has traveled. I was praying for two other little children to get their chance at life and while one was blessed with a second liver, another child was taken too soon. And it hits home, so terribly close to home.

How fragile life really is. 

The decision to move forward with a transplant appears to be easy and it is everything but. You have to weigh the risks of not having the transplant which may be far bigger than the transplant itself. And as many know, transplants come with a major risks, while some go smooth some kids require 2 or 3 new livers. You know the technology and medical advances have allowed for some great things and sometimes it is absolutely enough, while at other times you weep and wonder but are unable to find the comforting thought and words.

I pray for Evan who is recovering from his second transplant tonight but he is not out of the woods because he went into the surgery incredibly ill. He’s has a long road ahead of him and I hope that this is a smoother recovery.

I pray for Avery and her family. She passed away earlier today as her liver quit functioning after her second transplant due to complications.

These families didn’t go into the decision lightly and the donor’s didn’t make the decision lightly.

I am at a loss for words to bring comfort to those that need it right now.


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