This cold is a whammy

Almost two weeks ago, Lennon was sick with a fever for about 4 days before I considered sending him to school again. Ever since then he’s been hacking this horrible cough in which neither of us have been getting any kind of sleep. It got to the point that we I finally had enough and took him to the pediatrician (bout time right?).

Well, the result:

Viral cold .. not much we can do about

Fluid in the ear but doesn’t seem to cause any trouble at the moment

Alright.. let it ride its course..

We continue to have interrupted sleep with one hour coughing sessions at various times at night. Which at breakfast he is exhausted and so we take the toast on the way and he just isn’t having much of any of it.. except peppermint tea.. He likes peppermint tea 🙂

Today he had his six months check-up with his behavioral and neuro-development doctor. His ADHD is being managed well but this cold his a whammy.

Lennon is down 7 lbs.

I knew that taking two immune suppression medication placed him at higher risk being ill and that it would take longer to get over but I wasn’t expecting the weight loss.

For a kid that needs nutrition to help his liver and his body and to maintain health this is quite concerning. I am quite confident that this is due to the cold and his lack of interest in food in the morning because during the rest of the day, well he eats.. and I mean all afternoon and evening long.

Before the cold he was eating Nutella sandwiches for breakfast or two eggs with toast and butter.

Not sure how I will get him to eat breakfast while he’s still coughing so much in the morning. He has a transplant follow-up on Monday with lab work – so I hope that he’s gained some weight or we’ll be having a chat with nutrition.


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