He has the most amazing people on his side

Remember the insurance co-pay debacle I wrote about not to long ago?


This has been an utterly crazy thing.

The basics:

Lennon has private insurance that I have through my work. He also has medicaid as he is disabled.

What does that mean you ask?

This means that my insurance will cover part of it and whatever they do not cover, medicaid will cover. This will leave me with no bills and co-pays.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind co-pays and I have in the past covered them totaling $100 per month. However, I switched the plan we were on because I had to .. the plan I was on was no longer offered at my work.

OK no problem.

Well it was not a problem until they told me co-pays for the prograf (which Lennon NEEDS) totals $536 until a $4000 deductible has been met. Well, I at this time in my life its just not possible for me to pay that kind of co-pay..

Step in Greg, who works in the transplant clinic as a financial coordinator and he deserves a raise or something. He has been back and forth with the specialty pharmacy – down to the point that I would have only paid a dollar.

So I call to place order for his medication to find out they want me to pay $600.00 in co-pay fees.

I go back and forth with the lady on line who was snotty as heck as if I don’t know what I am talking about and almost accusing me of allowing my son to go without his medication (she doesn’t know who I am obviously!)

Not placing the order, I call Greg and tell him what is going on and he, just like me is in uproar.

Mind you that Lennon will run out of medication Friday (today). Greg gets a delivery scheduled to his office because the specialty pharmacy wanted a signature and there was no way I would be home in time.

My work day neared the end so I call Greg who was supposed to call me and let me know when the medication arrived.

He informs me that they now are delivering to my home and that they did not process biking properly and I should not be going insane when I see the invoice.. Oh boy

I arrive at home around 3:30 and there is no medication.

5:00 Greg calls to check if the goods have arrived. Nope.

We’re both like OMG this is insane right.. well consider holiday schedule ok.. wait some more.

Greg calls me around 6:00 – nope no medication yet. Ok he calls UPS .. calls me back – goods are enroute.

Sure enough not 5 minutes after he and I hung up the phone, I know have Lennon’s medication.

Greg assures me not to worry about the invoices that nothing will be processed.

But can I just tell you how amazing this guy is?

Lennon truly has the most amazing people on his side!


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