Sick through the Holidays

Lennon has pneumonia!

The persistent cough that is keeping us up part through the night, making his chest hurt and cry out in pain, led us to this. On his right lung to, the one that collapsed so many years ago.

We’ve had several winters with just a small cold but adding that he takes two immune suppression medications, who is surprised?

Of course, it doesn’t change the fact that peppermint tea and days one the couch are needed with of course a fresh prescription of antibiotics.

Oh and this would explain the 7 lbs weight loss he recently experienced. Now to gather foods high in calories to hopefully gain that weight back.

With all that being said, the doctor hopes the weight loss is due to the pneumonia and not something else. Unfortunately, only time will tell and we should know by next week if he’s gaining back some weight.

I’m glad it’s winter break and he can fully rest and sleep in and we’ll just kind of take it easy!


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