The memories won’t let go but love will keep us moving

This morning I read this article “What I Wish Others Understood About Almost Losing a Child” and it is just one of those things that will always be with me. I don’t have the morphine bottle deep in the fridge but I have make sure Lennon takes his meds twice a day, every day or his body will reject his liver.

It’s my daily reminder of what his and our journey has meant.

A friend of mine bought a copy of the “Lennon Steps” today and posted about it soon after and I wanted to share what she wrote:

I have read the entire book. I have cried with you, laughed with you and continued to pray for you and your family. I have the overwhelming urge to kiss Lennon’s forehead, and ask that you do that for me. 

Thinking back, I remember how my daughter would come home excited that Lennon was back in school; how his new feeding tube was just like the one her nanny had; how she could’ve helped with his feedings. He is touching lives that you have no idea about. What a miraculous child he is!

I am able to share the story that allows me to have a happy ending but what I don’t often talk about is the memories, the thoughts, the experiences and the conversation that are still running through my head. I think I tried to convey that in my book and while I don’t lose sleep over his journey it is still such a part of my daily existence. A constant reminder of how we are given this one life to live it in full and for me personally to make an impact and to help others.

It’s in those dark memories I find my strength, the strength of Lennon and the strength of the rest of the family. We all hold that mutual bond knowing what could have been and what is. It is in those moments, I know what unconditional love truly means and what the impact of hope and faith can have in someone’s life.

I am grateful that these heavy days of emotions are becoming less in my existence but truly I don’t ever want to forget how precious life is and that it life is always about quality.  Love will keep us moving to heal our wounds.

2015-05-13 16.58.35

And here’s a cute recent photo of the warrior with his new set of glasses (and yes he looks even more like me now)

He’s doing really well health wise, his labs have been coming back looking good and he can eat.. oh goodness can he eat.

The school year is winding down for us and umm within the next couple of weeks this guy will step up from 5th grade – a teary eyed post is sure to come


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