Be open to the gift of life no matter where it takes you

7 years.

That’s how long it’s been since Lennon’s first liver transplant.

When we made the decision to move forward with the transplant, there is no way we could have known of all that occurred after. All we had, was hope.

Hope that the transplant would indeed ease Lennon’s life. That it would bring us some kind of normalcy that didn’t involve going to the hospital 2-3 days a week.

During the month and years that followed, hope is all we had to hang onto. Hope that it for Lennon’s future become more about the quality of life rather than quantity.


Life is different now, improved and riddled with less anxiety.

How far is he’s come because of this gift and the lessons we all learned along the journey, I honor them. With each struggle, infection and liver that Lennon was blessed with, we learned more about him, the way he shines his light into this world, teaching us what being open to the gift of life really means.

I say it time and again, Lennon doesn’t know what it means to be pissed off or hold it against people. And its beautiful. He gets mad like we all do at times but he doesn’t stay there. Instead, he bounces around the house singing or talking, usually having conversation with himself or his game and periodically giving me a hug-attack.

There is no stress about how he is going to do something because he doesn’t believe that he can’t. Sure he does things differently, but don’t we all?

I say this every single year, but I am forever grateful for the families who have made the decision for organ donation during their time of grief. I don’t know who they are, but I love them dearly and like every year, I will light a candle tonight (and on the 21st for liver #2). Each family deserves to be remembered for the gift they have brought to this world.

And I encourage you to be an organ donor because you are helping change someone’s life to the better, and isn’t that the best thing to do?

I think it is.


Live in gratitude. Live in love. Life’s too short to do anything else.

Today we are celebrating Lennon Steps Book Release and yes that’s a big deal. A bigger deal however is that we are celebrating life and that Lennon is amazing.

I say this every year and continues to be true. I am forever grateful to Lennon’s donor families and words will never be able to express the true meaning of it all.

I feel my emotions the same as day one and the day we drove home from Pittsburgh.

He refused to give up when medically nothing could be done and his recovery is his and his alone. We believed in him, the universe to protect him but he made the choice to not give up.

Today I will light three candles for each family who has endured an incredible loss. I will light a candle for Lennon and being my teacher of life, and a true genuine inspiration to us all.

Live in gratitude. Live in love. Life’s too short to do anything else.

Lennon Steps

Lennon Steps are similar to baby steps, except that these are infused with spunk and spirit in Lennon who sneezed himself into the world.

In my new book, Lennon Steps, I share the journey of my son Lennon, diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and what would be years of not knowing what life will be like after liver organ transplantation.

The book recounts the first four years of the mystery that remained until a few months after relocation Lennon was taken to the hospital. The emergency crisis a final diagnoses crated spiraled into many life and death situations until deciding that organ transplant would be the only viable way of survival.

The challenge?

The recovery took an unexpected turn and Lennon would encounter many more life and death situations.


You can pre-order a signed copy by Lennon and myself! Send me an email to . The price for Lennon Steps is $9.99 $4.99 plus shipping and handling. I will invoice you once I received your order. The discounted price is only good with this pre-order offer and will expire on January 20th, 2015.